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Iron Charlottesville

Iron Charlottesville

Baking Dough



About Me


Growing up in a low-income house hold in England Kathryn learned to cook as a means to help her mother, who was a working single parent. Most of the meals she cooked were affordable and practical and making puff pastry was a treat, usually reserved for the holidays. Paffles were born when her university roommates ran out of bread, soon, all sandwiches were made with Paffles and it became their daily go-to lunches, dinners and midnight snacks. When Kathryn emigrated to Charlottesville, she saw her vision of a Paffle restaurant become a reality. One of her biggest objectives was to open a place which was accessible to all, no matter their socio-economic status, dietary requirement, age, race, gender etc. A place which had something for everyone. These days you will find Kathryn managing the kitchen, but not without her signature smile 

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